Multiple Teams · Spring sports: Trying times for sure

QUARANTINED HOME — “Every once and awhile I will send them an email and tell them to keep their spirits up,” said first year Holy Family baseball coach John Ray about the communication with his preseason No. 4-ranked team.

It isn’t exactly what him and new track and field coach Nick Harris had in mind when they took over their respective programs.

But, such is life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just referenced it as just being life. Sometimes people are here one day on gone the next; and God’s plans sometimes dictates a sudden change and we all have to learn to adapt because ultimately the reason for everything was his,” Ray said. “And there is nothing we can do to control that.”

Ever the baseball junkie, Ray hasn’t been able to kick back at home and watch classic games on the MLB Channel. He is a first responder and has been working long hours keeping the communities her serves safe during this unsettling times.

“Right now it hasn’t been to wild, but following some of the other countries like Italy and some of the others, it’s definitely scary and intimidating,” he said. “There is a wholehearted reason that we need to be away from each other right now.”

The CHSAA has extended the spring sports postponement until April 18 and even definitive answers are still unlikely.

So what should our athletes be doing in the meantime?

“Stay active,” Holy Family Strength and Conditioning coordinator Everett Ridderbos said. “Because if they take all this time off and the when they come back — if all goes according to plan anyway — and we are able to come back and complete the season, it is difficult to go from doing nothing to game speed.

“There are plenty of body weight exercises that they can do to maintain their strength levels. But the main thing is their power and their speed levels that tends to decrease at a different level than their strength levels if you are sedentary.”

Ridderbos has put out the first of his several workouts for Holy Family student/athletes to do from home on his YouTube channel. Both he and Coach (Dean) Dodero have sent out several lists of things, especially the in-season spring sports athletes, can do while they are away.

Something that he and the rest of the physical education staff would much rather be doing in person, but they are making the best of it.

“It is frustrating for sure, but it is what it is and we can either sit here and complain about it, but that isn’t going to make the situation any better,” said Ridderbos, who has also sent workouts to all the spring time coaches to pass along to their athletes. “Accept it and move on and just make sure your stay active until things start back up.”