Tigers News · Track and field: Tigers 4×800 teams shine on Day 1 of TVL Championships

LONGMONT — The key in track — and really any sport for that matter — is to be running your best at the end of the season when every one of the big meets, including state, are on the docket.

On Friday afternoon, on Day 1 of the Tri Valley League Championships at Everly Montgomery Stadium, both of Holy Family’s 4×800 relay teams showed that they are going to be a force to be dealt with at the 3A state meet in a couple of weeks.

Both the girls quartet of Ashley Darrah, Amanda Ward, Dylan Sanders and Gabby Thomas, as well as the boys team of Rasce Englehardt, Alex Martinez, Cole Greany and Braden Bartlett won their events, with the boys doing so in a school record time of 8 minutes, 6.96 seconds.

Both efforts elicited a huge smiles from the trio of coaches, Will Wilson, Steve Blair and Mark Yeazell.

Staring with the girls, the top three runners went out fast, but despite that, had some ground to make up against a Roosevelt team that went out even faster. When Thomas took the baton for the final two laps, she was easily 20 meters behind the RoughRiders runner and went to work.

“My mindset was really just to keep her (close) and not really let her get away on the first lap,” said Thomas, whose 800 split was 2:23. “The second lap was all about gaining as much space as possible.”

And with just over 300 meters to go, Thomas had cut the lead in half and was in prime stalking position. But the question remained did she have enough to catch her opponent.

“I really didn’t think I was going to catch her once we came around the final curve,” she said. “But the last 100 was just trying to gut it out, and I really didn’t even catch her until the finish.”

How close was it?

The Tigers winning time was 9:55.28 and Roosevelt was 9:55.47.

There was no epic comeback on the boys side. The Tigers ran side-by-side with the team from Erie for most of the race, building strategic little leads and making the orange and black Tigers chase to waste energy. That’s what Bartlett was able to do on the final lap and when he felt his opponent had chased one last time, he stepped on the gas pedal and closed in an impressive split of 1:57 to break the five year old school record.

“We didn’t have a time in mind. We just put out three of our four fastest runners and we were just hoping to win it and get some points for our team,” said Bartlett, who mentioned the previous team best this season was an 8:30. “Cole ran great. He was exactly what the team needed for the win and I couldn’t be more proud of him or ask anymore of him.”

Other notable performances on Day 1 included: Anna Hodell (2nd in the 100, 13.16), Wolfgang Knapek (3rd in the 110 meter hurdles, 16.86); Nicole Chavers (3rd in the 100 hurdles, 17.90), Lizzbeth Villalobos (4th in the 100, 13.41), Gavin Orbus (5th in the shot put, 41-1), and Joe Hepp (6th in the long jump, 19-2).

Action starts again on Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. for the track events and at 8:45 for the field events.



At Everly Montgomery Stadium

(Friday Results at the time of publishing)


100 meter dash — 1. Preston Terwilliger, Windsor, 11.02; 2. Brayden Keys, Mead, 11.45; 3. Alex Atwood, Fort Morgan, 11.52; 11. Braedon Peters, Holy Family, 12.05.

110 meter hurdles — 1. Creighton Trembly, Skyline, 15.46; 2. Giovanni Lara, Roosevelt, 16.73; 3. Wolfgang Knapek, Holy Family, 16.86.

800 relay — 1. Windsor 1:29.18; 2. Roosevelt 1:31.93; 3. Mead 1:32.28; 5. Holy Family 1:32.85.

3,200 meter relay — 1. Holy Family (Rasce Englehardt, Alex Martinez, Cole Greany, Braden Bartlett) 8:06.96 (School and TVL record); 2. Erie 8:08.55; 3. Skyline 8:19.27.

Long jump — 1. Noah Roper, Erie, 20-4.5; 2. Tyler Mayer, Mead, 20-2; 3. Logan Champa, Roosevelt, 19-6.5; 6. Joe Hepp, Holy Family, 19-2.

Shot put — 1. James Hochanadel, Fort Morgan, 49-5.5, 2. Parker Gonser, Windsor, 49-3; 3. Justin Podojil, Roosevelt, 47-11; 5. Gavin Orbus, Holy Family, 41-1.


100 meter dash — 1. Abby Glynn, Mead, 12.94; 2. Anna Hodell, Holy Family, 13.16; 3. Alyssa Bailey, Berthoud, 13.37; 4. Lizzbeth Villalobos, Holy Family, 13.41.

100 meter hurdles — 1. Emily Severin, Roosevelt, 17.60; 2. Skylar Keller, Roosevelt, 17.82; 3. Nicole Chavers, Holy Family, 17.90.

800 relay — 1. Erie 1:48.66; 2. Holy Family 1:48.73; 3. Windsor 1:49.35.

3,200 meter relay — 1. Holy Family (Ashley Darrah, Amanda Ward, Dylan Sanders, Gabby Thomas) 9:55.28; 2. Roosevelt 9:55.47; 3. Windsor 10:13.92.

800 medley relay — 1. Mead 1:51.19; 2. Fort Morgan 1:55.35; 3. Erie 1:58.48; 6. Holy Family 2:00.91.

Discus — 1. Logan DeRock, Roosevelt, 135-5; 2. Kailey Berry, Berthoud, 116-2; 3. Rebecca Brucker, Skyline, 110-7; 9. Mikayla Truong, Holy Family, 95-9.

Long jump — 1. Alyssa Bailey Berthoud, 17-5; 2. Ashayla Powers, Skyline, 16-2.5; 3. Devyn Thornton, Windsor, 16-2; 9. Noelle Gardon, Holy Family, 14-3.5.