Tigers News · State volleyball: Tigers bow out to mighty Lewis-Palmer

DENVER — You hear stories about the Lewis-Palmer volleyball team.

And everything you hear is true. The Rangers are good, almost too good and it sometimes feels like they have an extra player or two on the court.

They don’t. They are just that fast and that talented.

All that said, Holy Family wasn’t scared. In fact they embraced the challenge of trying to dethrone the top-seeded and nationally ranked Rangers. But it wasn’t to be on Saturday afternoon and the Tigers fell in three game 25-12, 25-12, 25-14 to Lewis-Palmer, who will play in their seventh straight 4A title game later in the evening at the Denver Coliseum.

“We just haven’t seen that kind of speed. We’ve seen some really good teams, but they are a great team, no doubt about it,” Holy Family coach Krista Solomon said. “There is a reason they keep winning, and I respect them for that.

“Our goal for next year will be to get back here and make sure we get another shot at them.”

Things got going quickly for the Rangers in the opening game and momentum was established from the get-go. The Rangers were up 7-1, then 11-3 and 15-4 in the opener and it felt like there plethora of big hitters — Trinity Jackson, Adelaide Feek and others — could do anything they wanted to.

“Lewis-Palmer has always been such a good competitor and being my senior year, it felt good to play them one more time,” said senior Ali Travis, who had the remnants of happy tears on her face after the match. “You go into any game, no matter what thinking we can do anything. We know we have what it takes, we just have to keep up with the pace.”

That pace seemed to quicken in the second set and before the team had the chance to settle in to the opposite benches LP was out to a 7-1 start. And just 35 minutes into the match Holy Family was down two games.

Solomon was able to a number of her senior in during the final game and was able to look back at what a successful season her young group had and how the grew from August to November.

“Especially after we graduated such a solid group last year and I heard a lot of it during the offseason about it being a rebuilding year,” she said. “But I get in some ways that was true, but for us, it says a lot about our leadership — Ali especially — with that drive to get back here.”